Sylvia & Adam
"We wanted really spectacular shots for our wedding. We were looking for photographs, collecting ideas, when we found BR Pictures.  We wanted something modern, amazing, cheerful and new (not the boring 80s style), that we could not find anywhere else. We needed Béci’s view. We found amazing destinations and ideas, and Béci created unbelievable images and processed them in the maze of Photoshop."
Noemi & Steve
"We chose Béci, because we wanted something special, something not causal or ordinary. We saw his former work, and his totally individual, special view, far away from the boring, causal ones. His cheerful, professional images made a really good impression to us. He captured all the “life-like” moments, which we expected from him. He was aware of our ideas and accomplished it. We loved the colours, the atmosphere, the whole attitude of our photos. We were very satisfied with the results."
Dora & Adam
"Béci was the photographer of my best friends wedding. We love their pictures, he did a great job and was very friendly on their wedding. So we decided to ask him to be our photographer, too. We were happy, that we chose him, because we got tons of beautiful pictures. It was very important to get individual, creative images, not ordinary ones. Béci captured all the moments uniquely. We truly recommend him, if you would like a great photographer, who does his best all the time and have good eyes of all the details."
Adrienne & Zoltan
"A lot of people asked us, how we found photographers from Debrecen, since we live in the Capital, Budapest. Finding a good photographer wasn't easy. We looked at more pictures in those few months, than in all our lives. We had a lot of criteria, accordingly we had only 3 personal meetings. After it, the decision was easy. Beside the beautiful images, the most important things, that you should consider: These photographers spend the most time with you, much more, than your family and friends. That's why these people should have a great, friendly and professional personality, too. BR Pictures was the best choice.:) In addition, I thought, that nobody can take good pictures from me and I was anxious about my “turtle-smile” would be on all the images, but with Béci and Reni, I didn't have to worry about anything. They did a professional job and we really enjoyed all the shootings with them. So, if you want extraordinary pictures and also would like to have much fun during the shooting, Béci and Reni are the best choice!"
Anna & Marcell
"We chose Béci, because he can capture the perfect moments, he has individual pictures with a special feeling and mood. My parents loved the album of the photos. Moreover, the personality of the photographer is also very important. Béci is friendly, funny, humorous and precise."
Jeanette & Thomas
"To tell the truth, it was a coincidence, that we found you on the Internet. We were searching for wedding photographers, and your quotation and pictures were the most eye-appealing for us. In the personal meeting, you were very engaging and friendly. We are pleased that we have chosen you as our photographer, our pictures are very beautiful, so we are really satisfied. Everybody asks us: "Who was the photographer?" 🙂 We thank you again for your work and wish you all the best. We are glad that we got to know you."
"Thank you for your super photos, I have many-many favourites. I will create a great album of it to see the pictures anytime we want. You really made our day unforgettable, we really like you as a person, too. Thanks again for your great work. We hope, when we need a photographer, we can call you! :)"
Anna & Balazs
"We chose Béci and Reni because they are friends of ours and we knew that they are great photographers. The decision was right, they created excellent pictures. For us simplicity was very important, both in our wedding and our wedding shots. We didn't want dozens of "posed-pictures", just to capture the real moments. They acted upon all of our wishes and requests, and see everything like professionals. Although we didn’t want posed-pictures, we were happy that we made some unique and funny ones. The guests and friends both said, that they were invisible, and as they worked, they preserved the intimacy of our wedding, and captured every significant moment. We recommend them to everybody, who expects flexibility and professionalism."
Flora & Balint
"We dreamt our wedding not as the most perfect day of our lives, but our most memorable experience. We tried to find someone, who could help us capturing it. I love your images, because you captured all the feelings of our Big Day. All the excitement, love, happiness and amusement of the bridal party are reflected on these pictures. As we look at the images, all the memories come back to life. My best part of the shooting was the E-session, where we found a beautiful, ruinous church in the middle of the nature. Shortly: Your pictures live and these frozen moments we feel all the memories of the wedding."
Christine & Christian
"Dear Supergroup! I try to put my thoughts in a nutshell, and write about all the important details. Since I'm also a photographer, I needed high-quality photos and professional photographers, because these are the images that we will look at with our grandchildren. BR pictures immediately caught my eyes as I visited the website. These images had  a completely individual, modern vision, and not boring and usual one as the other photographer's. I was anxious about asking a quotation from them, and writing down the demands. I was very surprised, when I got a quick response with all the information. In a personal meeting we talked through all the details. In the meantime we asked for an E-session, they were very kind and helpful and we got amazing images, and assured that we did a great choice with them. On the wedding both of them shot during the day, that I really loved. Two photographers have a lot of advantages: more opportunities, two genders, two visions… The weather of the creative session was really bad, but they did their best and create extraordinary photos with all the angles and poses we imagined. During the day, they were invisible, captured everything and succeeded in preserving the intimacy of the ceremonies. When we got all the pictures, we were really satisfied with them. We felt that we were not one of many couples, rather the only one. We got maximum attention and precise work. We truly recommend them to everyone, who appreciate memorable and amazing photos and not willing to compromise."